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Easy to download just sign in to your app store and the search it diamond bank and the click to download.

what is a diamond bank?

diamond bank is most popular app. total no of download is 1million .it is the most popular app in several countries it will help any type of transaction and send money to anyone .in this you can also transfer your foreign currency in all over the region. now i am giving you best app to trace location mSpy Cracked version 

how is it helpful?

most amazing things that diamond bank have

  1. self registration
  2. foreign money transfer
  3. bill payment
  4. credit card payment
  5. cheque
  6. mobile recharge
  7. add your selfie
  8. self registration

1.self registration

You can register yourself in diamond app without any critical issue easily you can register yourself and open your account

2.forign money transfer

in this option you transfer your money in all over the country only diamond bank app will provide this feature

3.bill payment

you can pay you any household bills like electricity, DTC, broadband bill, landline and etc

4.cerdit card payment

you cal also pay your credit card balance monthly it doesn’t matter how much money you want to want to add.


in this option, you can issue your cheque from any bank and add your transfer in your account anytime. recharge

its very simple you can recharge your mobile any time whenever you want to recharge.

7.add your selfie

it the new thing you can add your selfie and personalize your account only with your selfie this is the only thing that diamond bank provide.

8.self registration

in this, you can easily register yourself easily not a long form its appear it gives you a simple form that you can easily register .at last but not the least it will become and most popular app in very short time. so I think you can also try this.

At last but not the least it will become and most popular app in very short time. so I think you can also try this.

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