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So on this website, I will show you a top 5 Android app that you must install in your Android phones these are top 5 apps for Android. so all these applications are very good and you must have this app if you want your phone much advance as compared with to other users so install these new features on your Android phones and all of the applications are very useful soul let’s see what are this application that you have must install in your phone after seeing this website because I am gonna tell you the most top 5 Android apps that you must install in your phone


Top 5 Android app 2017


Macdroid is the best amazing app that you don’t ever seen because this app has some amazing features that you want in your phone this app provides you some unique features as compare to other apps this app will make shortcuts for you to use many of the apps on your phone and you don’t know how to access easily because many of the time you don’t find your App easily in menu but this problem is solved with macdroid this will make easier to use these apps this app will make some options in your sidebar¬†which is not displayed on your screen if you will slide only then you can see.

How to download?

It is very simple normal process as compare to another app which you download before and your Android phone just simply go to your play store and search macdroid then search will appear on screen then click on it and download it

How to use?

This is a not complicated app this is a very simple app and easy to use you just have to open the app and put some triggers like whatever app you want you to need to try again this app after triging the app then you will see when you slide you phone these apps will and you just click on it and open it.


FreshMaza best camera App for Android available on the Play Store this was going to Lol features which will enhance your photos if your photographic skills are good once you open this App below you will find menu of the manual controls you can change the exposure ISO white balance and manual focus Mini previous manual camera app this one works closely I didn’t find this app crashing when taking pictures online I test do you are is all symbols to change any parameter using select option and slide the slider on the bottom right corner by default everything its set to auto and this app also lets you to capture video providing manual control this you can also change grid lines formats and many other thanks, this app also allows you to take a picture in Raw format in this app you can get all the options easily because
they are clearly on the screen whenever you need them quickly I think that this is totally amazing if you are photogenic and you want to capture your picture and you love photography then I think this is the best app for you

How to download A2Z CAMERA APP?

Thia app has also same as I said before the first one application which is macdroid only go to a play store and search A to Z camera click on it and download it.


So this is YouTube app this app has many useful is features that you want in your phone from YouTube this looks as an official app like YouTube but you can download your video from YouTube easy left-click on download button and choose your quality with Sea View wants to download the video which is high quality or low quality everything is available on that app unofficial YouTube you see that if you close the window for the song of the movie on anything which you played is paused but in oz YouTube app if you played any video I am you want to close your screen on listening to the song or anything so you can easily have it because this provides you this feature in this app.


Business and easy process just go to your play store and search Oz YouTube then search OZYOUTUBE click on it and download it.


This is the most amazing app that I have seen in my life imagine you want to see the
location of their looks are you isn’t able to see on your phone then you need to go that place and then you can see it takes a lot of time but ROUNDME APP will fix this problem. you just simply go to ROUNDME APP then search location where you want to see then some dots will appear to click on it then you can see live what’s happening there and the unique feature in this you can watch in 360 degrees it means you can see every corner of the location.


Go to playstore-> type ROUNDME app-> click on download


Vurb app is basically new app. this will provide you many of the features like what you if you want to visit some places and you don’t know about the place so how will you know this is the right place to visit. VURB APP will provide you these features for you in this you can see that place is good or not by checking rating and reviews then you can decide easily,VURB will provide you many other features also like you can see which is upcoming and you can book your ticket also and many of the things are provided in this about every place.

Also check = Nomao for ios


Go to playstore-> type vurb app-> click on download

then it will be downloaded on your android phone.


I hope you like this article comment if you know about a latest new android app which is upcoming and useful.


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    These app are really awsome i get enjoy using this.

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