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Today we are here tell about top 5 new android app that must have on your mobile phone these apps are great when you use you can feel this is an important app for your device.

Universal Copy

This application is Totally different to other copying application. Mad by Camel Corporation.

Description :

This application very uses full for copying because this application copies any text from anywhere in your device which is not able to copy. it copies from your facebook application, it copy from your

Gmail application, It copies from your Instagram application , it copy from your twitter application, it copy from your Home screen applications name. just open your notification bar and tap to universal copy then copy anything you wanted to copy. This application is simple and useful for copying any things and anywhere. Just try it its free.

Leena Desktop

This application is too good. Made by

Description :

This application turns your mobile into PC. It is a pretty good application for those who wanted to enjoy PC on your mobile phone. This application brings the desktop operating system experience to your device by expanding with a native desktop user interface. it is not made really desktop it means that it feels like a desktop, not really desktop. You can attach mouse and keyboard for the better desktop experience.  it works in the only non-rooted device.


This is the revolution of all wallpaper application. Made by SharpRegion. You can download it from Google Play.

Description :

Tapet is the best application of wallpaper because you can generate your own wallpaper by simple top 5 android apptap. this is an amazing function of this application that’s makes it different from other wallpaper application that makes Tapet best. In this application, you can personalize your own wallpaper by use some tapping and steps at first chose pattern then chose a color then bang it will create new or unique wallpaper for you in couples of a second. It is a simple free application for those who want to explore or create new things.

Next Lock Screen

Are you bored from your default lock screen in your device? then this application is only for you. It is more interesting lock screen than other lock screen applications. This is made by Microsoft Corporation. Are you interested guys because of its maker I am also then jumped in the description.

Description :

This application has not wanted any description because of its maker. it totally changes your lock screen into the new lock screen. it gives you windows phone type lock screen. it is faster than your default lock screen and other lock screen application. it gives some unique features like custom unlocks, notification, people, apps, tools, weather, calendar, music player, wallpapers etc. this is best android application of 2016, It’s totally free.


This application is too good. Made by Fluenty.Fluenty

This application is a revolution for android applications because for its features that can not be provided by any other application, simply say this application is first application who did best features in the world. It gives automatic reply for social chats like facebook messenger, Whatsapp, hangout SMS etc. when any message comes in you notification bar this application helps direct reply for you in just simple direct reply without opening your application. this the unique feature that can’t be given by any other application. it is free.

These are the new android apps because here is my favorite android app- Animal Sounds, I loved this app


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