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10 Ways To Earn Money Online

How To Earn Money Online

Today this article based upon how to make money online and makes 100$ in a weak. so today I will show you. 10 Way To Earn Money online. earn money online is not an easy way you need to work hard on it keep doing and wait to get success but I will show the short tricks to easy ways to make money. Top 10 Ways to how to make quick money.

ways to make money

  1. Google Blogspot
  2. Start a Youtube channel
  3. Sell website on flippa
  4. Write article on Authority Sites
  5. Click And Sell Photos
  6. Use CashPirate App
  7. Become An Amazon Associate
  8. Buy And Sell Domain Name
  9. Develop Mobile App
  10. Do Facebook Marketing

How can I make money from these 10 ways to make money?

1.Google Blogspot

this is an authorized source to earn money online from GOOGLE ADSENSE. At, first you have to make a blog on Google Blogspot then post your article on your blog keep posting 1 month and then apply for GOOGLE ADSENSE it will definitely approve you but with some condition.


how to get google adsense approval fast

If you cleared this way then apply for this and earn money online.

2. Start a Youtube channel

In this, you need to create your youtube channel to your youtube account and upload you own video to tell some message or funny or education youtube will accept your video then you need to monetize you video the google will start advertising in your video if 1000 of people will see your video then you get paid by google and you can earn 100$ in a week.

3. Sell website on flippa

In this, you need to create your account on flippa the sell you domain name to other people but at first you need to make your domain more powerful and attractive like most of the user wants DA and PA high and if you able to do that then you earn money online and you get 100$ in a day with the help of flippa.

4. Write the article on Authority Sites

this is a very easy source yo earn money easily. in this, you only need to write an article for some Authority Sites and they will pay you money. you can also contact me to earn money I will definitely give you a job to write an article and I will pay you. this is the very easiest method to earn money from home.

5.  Click And Sell Photos

If you are a good photographer then you can also very high money online. some website will pay you money for your photo. you just need to click an attractive picture and upload it on the website they will pay you.



So these are the Website they will pay you and you can earn money online.

6.Use CashPirate App

This app is so cool and Amazing if you will, download this app and sing in and use it then you can earn money in this you just need to work on it the wills how you some add if you download it then you can earn and if you earn 10$ then you can transfer you money in your account.

7.Become An Amazon Associate

this is a not a difficult thing to do if you have a Website or a blog then you just need to create an account on Amazon Associate then they will provide you some script put in on your website and start advertising if anyone but the product then you can commission from amazon. With this Advertising, you can also earn money online.

8.Buy And Sell Domain Name

This is a very simple you just need to buy a domain name sell it on a different website if they will buy your website then you get lots of money but make sure that your domain authority should be good with this way you can also earn money from home.

9.Develop Mobile App

If you know the java programming language and know how to make an android app then make it publish it on play store if the user like you app then start advertising with AdMobi. this is an also very good source to earn money online in a short time.

10.Do Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing is another form of affiliate Marketing in which marketer promote their product on facebook.

3 skills needed

  1. Ability to facebook post and images
  2. Ability to promote your page
  3. Ability to persuade people with proper reasoning


You need to get more people visit on your facebook page and then start promoting you any affiliate product relevant to you facebook page topic and then use facebook ads to promote your post and pages in a huge range of users and then more users will buy your product through affiliate link and then you can earn more money with that.


thanks for reading this article I hope you like it. this is a real method to earn money easily if you know more than that comment me. I will definitely upload it for you.





  1. This is the good method to earn money through online and this is a really true method and i get really impressed.
    thhanks for telling me all these way to earn money online.
    thanks technoeit

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