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iPhone 8 Release Date And Rumors | iPhone 8 Price And Specification

iPhone 8 Release Date And Rumor

iPhone is releasing iPhone 8 or iPhone x this will become a top smartphone when it will release.  Information has been leaked that iPhone 8s model and OLED screen 3D display. previously iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 and iPhone 6s plus has some standard features but in iPhone 8 have a more standard feature like Display is in 3D is more Attractive and this will have OLED curved screen.

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Release Date Of iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8 is probably released in September 2017 you can see the official view in before that month. iPhone have big Ocean marketing values in September and then next iPhone is may Named as iPhone x and this name is subjected by Fast Company.

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Price Of iPhone 8

Expected Price of Apple iPhone 8 plus maybe 1000$ inIndiann 92000 when it will be in your market.

Specification Of iPhone 8

  1. Water Resistance
  2. Dust Resistance
  3. OLED curve screen
  4. 3D photography
  5. Eye scanner (iris scanner)
  6. Wireless Charger
  7. All Glass Body
  8. No Home Button

1. water Resistance

iPhone is fully waterproof you can put it on 1.5 in depth for 30min it will not get affected it mean that this has great stability in water.

2. Dust Resistance

iPhone 8 has also a feature of Dust Resistance. you iPhone will not get dusted in anywhere.

3. OLED Curve screen

iPhone has given you the more curve screen as compare to iPhone 7 it mean that what you want iPhone is giving you the more curve screen.

4. 3D Photography

iPhone 8 is giving you the best feature 3D Photography it meant now you don’t need to have DSLR camera you can click your pic through iPhone 8 in 3D mode Also.

5.EYE Scanner (iris scanner)

iPhone has launched a new feature. iris scanner feature in iPhone 8 this adds the new feature for all of us. In this feature you can lock your screen by your iris.

6. Wireless Charger

you charge you iPhone 8 without connecting any wire and also have fast charged.

7. All Glass Body

iPhone 8 has most of the model of the phone is covered by a full screen and the curved part is also fully covered by a full screen.

8. No Home Button

iPhone 8 has no home button it means that your phone look more attractive as compare to iPhone7.


if you know more about this iPhone 8 then comment me I will definitely upload it for more people.

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