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Download PixlRec Screen Recorder For iPhone, iPad Touch Without Jailbreak

Download PixlRec Screen Recorder App For IOS iPhone, iPad Touch Without Jailbreak

PixlRec Is the best screen recorder for IOS this will give you the high-quality range of recording and simple interface but if you already using Air Shou And BB Rec Etc then y don’t need to Download this app because this is the TOP 5 SCREEN RECORDER APP FOR IOS this app will record your screen and also record your voice and also you can record you face inside your screen recording. This is like all in one app you will definitely get the best result in this app.

Best Feature Of PixlRec On IOS

This app has many advanced features I will tell you most interesting thing about this app whatever  I tell you which is best of best feature that  you have in PixlRec but before I tell you the best feature then you have to know about more all the screen recorder has all same thing but it makes little different way to make serve you in IOS when you recording in iPhone and iPad so let’s start with best features of PixlRec Screen Recorder.

  • you can record your voice when you are recording your screen
  •  use the front camera when you are recording your screen
  • mic audio fully depends on like when you want to use so can use when you want to off then you can off
  • make a broadcast
  • picture quality depends on you like you want in HD or in MP4 PixlRec will provide you all the resolution for your video
  • you can also categorize your video it will help you when you have lots of videos so that you can find easily

How To Download PixlRec Screen Recorder For IOS Without Jailbreak

This app is not available in the app store but I will tell you that how to download this app so let’s see what’s the procedure to download as I said before TUTU App so if you downloaded tutu app so that there you can download PixlRec Screen Recorder For IOS Without Jailbreak. just simple one thing you have to do that open tutu app and search PixelRec Screen recorder the search will appear then click on it to download the app.

How To Install PixlRec Screen Recorder iPhone, iPad

This is so easy to install PixlRec Screen Recorder TUTU App will install this app automatically and it is completely safe no any type of harmful virus or malware will harm your device you are safe to download this app let’s strat step by step by to that how to download and how to install PixlRec Screen Recorder App.

  1. Open your IOS Device iPhone iPad
  2. Then Open TUTU App 
  3. Search PixlRec
  4. Click On PixlRec To Download
  5. After That Click On to ‘Get’  to Download this App
  6. Then After Some time your app Wil Be downloaded  And Installed in Your IOS Device
  7. Go ‘BACK’ and Find PixlRec
  8. Click on It To PixlRec Screen Recorder App

PixelRec Conclusion

Overall this is an awesome app you will definitely get use it regularly whenever you want to create a video for your youtube channel and this app has simple interface you can use it by easily no need to read or to search anywhere that how to use PixlRec Screen Recorder app And millions of people are using this app.

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