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Top Best WhatsApp Call Recorder To Record WhatsApp Call On iPhone And Android

Top Best WhatsApp Call Recorder App To Record WhatsApp Call On iPhone (‘IOS’) And Android

It is too important to know that how to record what’s app call in your android and iPhone IOS 9 And IOS 10 Device so today I am gonna tell you to about this new WhatsApp Call Recorder to record WhatsApp Call these apps Gonna Really Work In your Devices Because Now I am using this App regularly this is really important to record call because if we skip something then we can hear again and again then we don’t miss anything important.

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You Feel So many difficulties to find WhatsApp call recorder but you can easily find call recorder but Call Recorder Will not Work In you WhatsApp Call So what To Do……???? I will tell you the full prove the method to How To Download WhatsApp Call Recorder App and how to install And  WhatsApp Call Recorder App to record WhatsApp Call On iPhone And Android.WhatsApp Call Recorder App

Download WhatsApp Call Recorder For Android

You Have To Follow me step by step if you want to download WhatsApp Call recorder In your device Don’t Get Scared To see this Artice Read this Article I will tell you a most simple method to download WhatsApp Call Recorder For Android So Let’s WhatsApp Call recorder

  1. Open your Device
  2. Then Go to your ‘PlayStore’
  3. Search on a search box Real Call Recorder this app will record your WhatsApp Call Recorder
  4. Click On it ‘Download’
  5. Then it will Automatically ‘install’ in your device
  6. Go Back’ And Then Open this Appshare via whatsapp

So this is to Download WhatsApp Call recorder App Dor Android and it’s Completely free to Download Real Call Recorder in PLayStore or anywhere you want to download.

Real Call Recorder

This Is One of the best apps that I really good to Record WhatsApp Call In your Android Device you can also record your Call in skype Viber And Tango. This app will record all call Call by with your permission And all incoming and outgoing Call will be recorded in your Devie and the easiest things in this app is he will record in .mp3 format so that you can easily send a device and play and you can also send your Recorded voice to your friend Directly trough this App like messenger And all. Record WhatsApp Call

Why We Want WhatsApp Call Recorder?

I Use WhatsApp Call Recorder because so many of my friend are using WhatsApp Call when then don’t have to balance any many of the people they regularly talk me on WhatsApp call For An Hour so if He Tells something important to you so the how will you remember that if you don’t have to record on your device so then I start using WhatsApp Call Recorder then  now this time if I forgot then I am not being that how could I forget that simple I open my folder and listen that this is too important to know why WhatsApp Call Is Important I will tell you in both versions WhatsApp Call Recorder For iPhone And Android.

Record WhatsApp Call Using Whatsui WhatsApp Call Recorder App On IOS 10/9

If you are using any recorder app like so this is good preference but main Disadvantage of this app is this make your file in large file so it takes your more space on your device and all we know we want to take low space so that we can store more and more app and files on your device you can also record with Airshou Screen Recorder. But this has the same problem like BB-Rec this gonna also record your WhatsApp call but you have to make your call on speaker and then you have to open this app then you can get start recording your WhatsApp call but you get low voice pitch and which is not listenable.whatsapp iphone llamadas

So Follow me to get Real WhatsApp Call Recorder Apk For IOS 10/9 with Whatsui call recorder

First, you need to Download Sydia App in iPhone And iPad and install it jailbreaking now let’s start will Sydia App that how to Download whatsui app in your IOS Device Read full instruction to Download.

  1. Open Sydia app
  2. Click On Search And type in a Search Box Whatsui
  3. After that, your search will appear and click on whatsui
  4. Click To Download Option
  5. Then Run Install
  6. Go Back And open the app

How To Use Whatsui WhatsApp Call Recorder App in iPhone

One thing you have done that you have to give access permission in your IOS to install then you can install this app on your Device so the question remain that how to use whatsui App in IOS Device so lets see open your WhatsApp and allow access to record All WhatsApp Call it mean Allow Whatsui In you device and give full access then get back and try to check then call your friend and other relative to check it working or not if it starts that means you have success fully Installed Whatsui Apk Call Recorder in iPhone iPad.

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