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How to Downloading Latest Best Whatsapp HD wallpaper 2017

Download Cool Pics Whatsapp HD Wallpaper 2017 cool profile pic for WhatsApp

cool profile pic for WhatsApp And Whatsapp is a mobile phone messenger which uses an internet connection to communicate. One can send and receive text messages, audios, videos, images, location, etc. Whatsapp is one of the most famous and used messaging application, and its popularity goes without saying. Almost every smartphone users are active Whatsapp users and people are using this app like no other app. It is now may be the most used messenger throughout the world. More and more people are downloading the app and are using it. From the time of its release until now, the app has been received well and people are addicted to it. Recently Whatsapp is not more just a messenger, it has introduced Whatsapp calling. Using Whatsapp calling one can easily make calls for free, just the use of internet data or WiFi. Creating a Whatsapp account is free, and the process it very simple. You do not need any email id, or you need not go through a long process of account creating. You can simply use your mobile phone numbers to create a Whatsapp account And Email encryption.

Download Latest Version of Whatsapp 2018 Features 

Download Latest Version of Whatsapp

The Whatsapp app has many interesting and innovative features and which makes it quite a popular choice. You can make calls, changes and set background wallpapers for the different chat screens, you can block calls or people from your contact, you can send all kind of media including pictures, videos, voice notes, etc.

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How To Change Wallpaper settings

The setting of wallpaper in the chat backgrounds is a new feature that is introduced by this famous messenger. This messenger is being highly used by all age groups and for all kinds of conversations. And when doing so you want to have a pleasant background on which you will be typing your messages. So to make your chatting experience more personalized you have the option to change background wallpapers of your chat window where you can place your personalized image and make a custom looking device.

Email encryption

To change wallpaper in Whatsapp chat window for Android devices, you may follow these steps-

Step 1- Open your Whatsapp application

Step 2- Tap on the 3 dots that you will find on the top right of the screen

Step 3- Open Settings option

Step 4- Click on the Chat Options to open the page

Step 5- You can find the Wallpapers options and a new pop-up box will appear with various options to choose your photo to be set as wallpaper

Step 6- Open the required folder and choose an image to set it as wallpaper for your chat window.

To change wallpaper in Whatsapp chat window for iPhone, you may do the following-

Step 1- Launch Whatsapp in your iPhone

Step 2- Now tap on the Settings icon seen at the bottom right side of the application screen

Step 3- Tap on the Chat Settings

Step 4- Tap on Chat Wallpaper and you will find three options – Wallpaper Library, Photo Library and Reset Wallpaper

Step 5- Tap on Wallpaper Library. Here you can find preset wallpapers to choose from and by tapping on Photo Library you can select from your gallery.

Step 6- To reset or remove wallpaper in Whatsapp chat on your iPhone you have to tap on the Reset Wallpaper and the wallpaper will be removed.

For other OS devices, you may follow the similar steps and then change or set your chat screen backgrounds.

Top 10 Best App Download wallpapers App for Whatsapp

Setting the same pictures or images that are in your phone gallery can be boring and you would want some things different for your chat screens. So what you can do is that you can look online for cool pics or whichever kind of picture for your chat screens. There are many websites that provide Whatsapp users with a wide collection of different kinds of images which can be set as chat screen background wallpaper. The downloading process of the wallpaper or screensaver for you Whatsapp is very easy. You just need to go to your browser and type ‘cool pictures for Whatsapp background’ after which you will find many links and images for you to download. Hold on to the picture you want to download and you will get the download option, after which you can select the download option and the picture will be downloaded and saved on your mobile’s download folder. Once this is done you can follow the above-given option to set you to chat background.

There many different kinds of pictures available on the internet for you to download and set as your Whatsapp background of chat. You just need to search for the best ones and then download it. The steps to be followed are very easy, and you may check this feature out and experience a custom chat window that can make your chatting experience more personalized, comfortable and pleasing to you.

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