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Top iPad Apps of 2017 You Must Have

We all love to have our own Apple device whether it is an iPad tablet, iPhone or Apple watch! If you have finally gotten your own amazing iPad, you now need to download fun apps to make user experience completely worth it. There are hundreds of top apps that are available on the App Store that will make you feel overwhelmed and overly excited. You would want to get each and every one of it but that is not possible. You only want the must have apps and not try all apps because your device won’t have that much space. Also you would not have the time to try and use each app. This is why we bring you a quick round up of the best Apps that are trending in 2017.

These apps are the trendsetters in the tech world and you definitely need to have these apps on your iPad for a worthwhile experience.

Choices Made Easier with Top iPad Apps

If you are planning to download every last app on the App Store to make sure you don’t miss out on any great one – you don’t have to make that effort. We have a roundup of the top iPad apps that are trending and are a MUST have for all iPad users.

  1. Facebook

The biggest social networking site – Facebook – is free to download on all Apple devices. The first thing you need to get for your iPad is your Facebook app. It is fun, exciting and the best way to stay socially connected with the world (but, we bet you already know that).

  1. Kindle

All readers find bliss in Kindle – the ultimate reader’s app for Apple devices. If you are a bookworm and not a technology freak – you can use this amazing technology product to read every book imaginable! Download the Kindle app now to access all full book versions of best-sellers and your favorite authors from around the world! The best part about Kindle is that it allows you to download the complete book versions that you can read without being connected to the internet at all times.

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  1. Google Maps

Whilst many people would think that getting an iPad means you only need to download all fancy stuff – it is not true! You can also stick to the basic things like the Google Maps. This app will, in fact, be very handy when you have your tablet GPS on and you are on the go!

  1. Dropbox

We all know that the downside of an iPad is that it comes with limited storage and doesn’t support external memory as well. The good news is that you can now download Dropbox app on your iPad to enjoy an additional 2 GB of space for free! You can now save and share images, videos, audios and full documents with friends and family in one click.

  1. IMBD

The thing about having an iPad is that you will always have a chance to enjoy your favorite shows and movies no matter where you are. To access over millions of HD movies and television shows; you need to download the IMBD app to your tablet right away.

Alright, you might of having some of them on your iPad already, but when we talk about top iPad apps, this our top 5 must have apps for the ipad!

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