Best Android Apps For Learning Programming

Programming is not something easy to do. In fact, it requires a lot of precision and excellence to be able to grasp the basics of programming –  if you are learning on your own! However, if you have the slightest understanding of computers, you will be able to learn to program with help of the following android apps. We will show you the best Android Apps for Learning Programming all on your own.

Learn Programming with apps

5 Best Android Apps For Learning Programming

Programming might seem rocket science to you but these user-friendly and interactive apps have made it seem like a piece of cake. Allow us to take you on a ride through the top Android apps that are going to help you get a solid grip over learning programming. We will list the 5 best Android Apps for Learning Programming. You will be able to create your own little software application in no time!

Programming Hub

Programming hub is your chance to learn programming easily with its huge collection of course, examples, and compilers for running the code. This is your chance to learn to program anytime and anywhere with a few simple tricks. This app has more than hundred user modes to choose from with over 20+ inbuilt programming languages to explore as well. Get the app on the Google Play store.


udacityLearning to code might seem daunting but it is now made easier with Udacity. This app is your chance to jump into the daunting worlds of programming and codes and come out of it as a maestro. Each program is divided into phases and segments to engage users and help them proceed through each level in a progressive manner. The one reason why Udacity is a hot favorite for users because it cares for the learners and helps them only proceed further if they are comfortable with what they have achieved so far.


This is our number 3. If you have no idea whatsoever about coding and want to start from the very basics – get encode right away. This android app is responsive and begins to give lessons from step 1 and takes you further ahead from that point. This app has broken down each programming lesson into smaller fragments. Using this app for learning is more like building a puzzle. You explore through each piece and then bring them all together to look at the bigger picture.

Learn to Code for Free

Learn to code on the go and for free with the app from SoloLearn!  This app is meant to facilitate users to learn programming in various languages. You start with 1 of the 12 programming languages like for example HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Python, C ++, Java, C #, Swift, etc. Learn coding via interactive lessons, create code inside the mobile coding playground, interact with friends or others to help each other. Create your own unique coder profile very fast! SoloLearn will also be gamified! Collect special points (XP’s) to improve your ranking. The competition will keep it more fun to learn.


The last and 5th app is Treehouse. This is an Android app that provides a virtual learning experience to the users. There are hundreds of videos from programming experts all over the world that are available on this mobile app. You can play the videos, take notes and learn anywhere, anytime. This is more like taking virtual college lessons on demand! Treehouse claims they are the best way to learn technology. Languages included are HTML, CSS, SQL, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, Android apps with Java, iPhone apps with Swift & Objective-C. The app will improve your skills by using quizzes, videos and they have code challenges to help you learn the tech language you need for scripting your application.

Best Android Apps For Learning Programming
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Best Android Apps For Learning Programming

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