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Best prototyping tools for app development

mobile app development wireframe

So you are an app developer? Then you want to create also a mobile mockup and prototype!? With these tools you can easily create mockups / wireframes and prototypes easily as these tools have a standard library of mobile widgets and other pre created elements. The tools give you different mobile templates based on the size of a device and the tools offer fast ways to preview your design on a real device. The question is of course: what are the Best prototyping tools for app development? What tool is best for you as an app developer? Well sorry to say, this depends on many factors. Because if you are just getting started with developing apps then you probably want to create both prototypes and also wireframes of your application idea. For developers that are more comfortable with the development process they rather do either a wireframe or a prototype. And what is more important for you in the pre development process? The user experience? The design and interface? The steps and flow? The decision what tool to select should be based on the features you actually need and what tool is most comfortable to use for you personally. Most of the tools offer a free plan or a trial period so you should test them out before you select one and start paying for it.

Proto.io – This is the right tool for mobile prototyping and wireframing because it allows you to view the prototypes offline. Also it comes with a lot of mobile widgets.

Mockplus – this tool is great for mobile prototype creation thanks to 200 components and 3000 icons and the simple drag-and-drop interface. Also you can select a mobile template based on the screen size.prototype mobile app

Fluid – this is a web-based tool for wireframing and very interesting for creation of a mobile application prototype (including iOS and Android and wearable devices).

Pixate – this one is desktop-based, also a prototyping tool. But with this tool you can build animations and improve the prototype with interactions.

Justinmind – also a desktop-based prototyping tool

So these were just a few of the best prototyping tools for app development. And again, you decide which tool is best for you. There is just not one tool which is better than all the others for all developers regardless what they develop / how experienced they are / if they work alone or in a team / etc. Sorry, you need to select the best tool  for app development by yourself.

Also we have a nice infographic for app developers. This infographic shows 10 of the best tools that are ideal for mobile app developers. On the infographic we see again the tool FLUID, JUSTINMIND, PROTO.IO. But also some others like MARVEL, INVISION and AXURE for example. All great tools for you to try and explore. You can read and share the infographic to help other mobile app developers. I will describe a few of these prototyping tools including the links to the sites.

10 best prototyping tools app development infographic 1

10 best prototyping tools app development infographic 2

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