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Soundhound unlimited App APK For Android

Soundhound unlimited App APK For Android

Music Search is very useful for people who love music and like to get to know new artists and songs. Many times you walk inside a store or you are watching a tv serie and you hear a great song. Maybe it is the first time you hear the song or maybe you heard it before. You just do not know what the title of the song is. You do not recognize the artist of the song. So how can you find the performer, the title and the album of the song? There is an android app that will find and tell you the name of the song and the artist just by keeping your phone near the speaker playing the song. Sound Hound is a great music application to find all details about any music or song in less than couple of seconds. You can download this app on your Android smartphone just by typing Soundhound in the Searchbox of the Google Play Store. There are 2 versions of the Sound Hound app. There is a free version and there is a paid version. Free version is called SoundHound (FREE) and the paid version is called SoundHound ∞ (unlimited). The only difference between the 2 versions is that the free version contains advertisements. But if you want to use the app without the ads then you need the unlimited / pro / paid version. Instead of the free variant you want to get the Soundhound unlimited App APK For Android for free.

Shazam versus SoundHound

shazam soundhoundAlso Shazam offers free song recognition apps for Android and iPhone. But the free Shazam iPhone version has limited the usage to five songs scanning per month. SoundHound is also free but does show ads. Both apps show song information together with information about the artist and links to buy the song / show youtube video / bookmark the song. SoundHound has more graphics in the screens and Shazam keeps the interface simple and clean. I like the name Shazam better because it is short and does not involve any animals. I guess they both do the work they should be doing.

Soundhound APK

But you do not want to download Soundhound using the Soundhound Play store. No, you want the raw APK file of Soundhound. You can download the SoundHound apk 8.0.3 for Android 4.1 and up using multiple locations. You can choose ZippyShare. Or you can download APK via Sendspace. Another nice APK file to download is Airshou screenrecorder apk. Please leave a comment if you have any tips or suggestions.

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