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Amazon echo dot versus Google Home mini

Ever thought of a speaker you could actually carry all the way through to your office, events, parties? Well, now with Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home mini you can do the above-mentioned things without hesitation. They are both voice controlled devices with the small built-in speaker that can make you listen to good music and feel relaxed any day, anywhere. And not only that, you can even connect these amazing and light weighted devices to your Home-theatre and headphones over Bluetooth or with the help of 3.5mm cable. The best part of Amazon Echo Dot is that It can hear and respond to your voice from another room too. However, Google’s Home Mini is no less when it comes to recognizing and responding to your voice quickly and more accurately with the help of Google Assistant. Plus whenever you feel like listening to music or giving some commands, just say the word “Alexa” while using Echo Dot. And just open Google Assistant if you are using the Home mini. The response from these devices from such a long distance is surely going to make you feel emphatic. Both of them are priced around $49, easily available and affordable. So this is a real battle between these two devices. Which one is best?

Amazon echo dot versus Google Home mini


Traveling with Amazon echo

With both Echo Dot and Home Mini both being palm-sized devices, you can carry it almost everywhere. Traveling with Amazon Echo is no problem in terms of size and weight. You can take Echo Dot anywhere you like. But when you travel with Amazon Echo there is one challenge and that is to get an internet connection. You could connect Amazon echo to the Hotel wifi (you can find instructions how to connect to wifi on Amazon Device Support). Another solution would be to use a MIFI (mobile wifi) device to connect to the internet while on the road. Some modern smart phones can also operate like a wife device and thus allowing your Echo Dot to go online. Another thing you need is power. And do not forget to change the device’s location setting in the Alexa app when you arrive in your new location. Because you want Alexa to get the correct local weather and local information for you, right?

Traveling with Amazon echo

Traveling with Google Home mini

Like with the Echo you can also travel with the Google Home mini without any big issues. But also with this device you need an internet connection (wifi) and power (after a while). So if you got wifi on your holiday location then you can voice command your device in any country you like.

Conclusion: they are both the lot more helpful while traveling, these devices don’t let you die of boredom.

Easy to use

What makes it harder to choose between these two brilliant and enticing products are their compact design, which makes it convenient to use it from any room. The user can place it in its bedroom and use it as an alarm clock or can also use it as a timer.

Voice control

Apparently, Google has an upper hand when it comes to Voice control. We are all aware of Google Assistant and its accuracy. So in this debate about which one is the best and recommended to use, many users choose Google Home Mini because of its brilliant voice control and its ability to provide you with better results. Echo Dot has this amazing feature of Voice control for music. For example, you are lying on your bed and want to listen to some peaceful music, just simply ask for the specific song or artist and your desired song will be played. However, if anyone wishes to do the same with it Home mini, he/she can perform that operation with that too.

Cool features

With Home Mini and Echo dot, one can perform several operations. These devices come with the never-ending list of benefits and cool features because they are mot only capable of playing Music but can also perform things on your behalf. Such as, Ordering a Pizza, Requesting a cab, calling someone, turning off the lights and several other cool kinds of stuff. And as the time goes on these sensational devices keep on improving. And the brains behind these time-saving devices keeps on trying to enhance them, in order to make life easy and comfortable for everyone.

Amazon Echo Dot review

We love the Amazon device because of the Alexa Assistant, the price, the buttons / the interface, the design, etc. But we are not the only one who did an Amazon Echo Dot Review. Many other publishers took a good look at this device. So what are the opinions of other great reviewing sites?

source : If we look at shopping with these devices the winner is Amazon Echo Dot because Alexa is the best at voice-ordered shopping.

source : Amazon has significant lead in getting its Echo into homes and has aggressively built up the capabilities of its Alexa voice assistant.

source : Amazon Echo Dot is a great product. It maintains almost everything that made the original Echo so great, while also bringing a substantial cut in price.

Best price amazon echo dot

The Echo Dot should not be confused with the bigger Echo version. The Amazon Echo is sold for approximately $150.00 dollars. This article is about the smaller dot version. So we want to show the best price for the Amazon Echo Dot. And we want the newest version, the 2nd generation Echo Dot. There is a great deal from Amazon. With your Echo Dot you will get FREE Amazon Smart Home Consultation where they teach you how to build an Alexa smart home. And for most people the shipping is free.

Black Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation

Price $49.99 (FREE Shipping on eligible orders)

Get the Black Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation for $49.99 including free Smart Home Consultation.

Or what about a used Black Amazon Echo Dot for lower prices? You can buy a used version (checked by Amazon) for just $36.29 dollars. Get a cheaper used Black Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo Dot Deal

White Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation

Price $49.99 (FREE Shipping on eligible orders)

You do not like black? Get the White Amazon Echo Dot 2nd generation for $49.99 also including free Smart Home Consultation.

Amazon Echo Dot Deal

And you can also get used White Amazon Echo Dot for lower prices. You can also buy a used White version (checked by Amazon) for just $36.29 dollars. Get a cheaper used White Amazon Echo Dot.

Amazing deal

Do you have friends, relatives or collegues who also want an Echo Dot? If you buy multiple devices then Amazon gives you a sweet and amazing deal. If you buy 6 Echo Dots then Amazon gives you 1 for Free! Put 6 Amazon Echo Dot’s in your shopping cart and enter the coupon code / discount code: DOT6PACK and you save $49.99 on your order.
You can also buy just 3 Dots and then you can save $20.00 dollars on the order. For 3 devices you enter the coupon code / discount code: DOT3PACK.
So ask around, maybe people you know want to join you with the purchase of the Echo Dot and get this great deal!?!?


Comparison table

CategoryGoogle Home MiniEcho Dot
Speakers360 sound with 40mm driver0.6-inch speaker
MicrophonesFar-field voice recognition supports hand free use
7-microphone array
Smart assistantGoogle AssistantAlexa
Texas Instruments DM3725
Multi-room audio?Chromecast Audio
Yes, through Alexa
Music services supportedGoogle Play Music, Spotify Premium, Pandora, YouTube Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio
Amazon Music, Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Spotify Premium, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Audible
Third-party developer supportYes, Assistant actionsYes, Alexa Skills
InterfaceNo visible buttons, LED indicators
Light ring, buttons
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth, Chromecast
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone jack
Weight173 gram163 gram
Dimensions (in.)3.86 in dia x 1.65 in height1.3 x 3.3 x 3.3

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