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Android management API launched

Google launches the Android management API. This API will simplify the management of Android devices within an organisation, irrespective of the manufacturer of these devices. Nikita Kostylev (Software Engineer voor Android Enterprise) wrote in a blog post: “Many of our EMM partners write their own management APP to make it possible to control and manage the Android devices. This is known as a ‘device policy controller’ (DPC) app. A DPC app is actually an agent rolled out by the EMM, where the real value lies in the console and the back-end with which the app communicates directly.”

Management through server side API

The Android management API makes it possible to manage Android devices by means of a server-side API. And also it is no longer needed to write your own management app. The API takes away a lot of complexity, according to Kostylev. And so EMM partners no longer have to focus on the underlying Android framework. This allows them to focus entirely at the wishes of the customer.

Kostylev: “Creating policies for your device fleet is now just as simple as creating a Google Cloud project and creating several REST API calls. The Android management API has been built around policies instead of discreet transactions. Just tell the API simply how a device must be managed. Behind the scenes Google will interpret these policies in a specific range of actions for the device using the Android Device Policy app, the managing agent developed by Google. Since we deliver the managing agent the developers no longer have to occupy themselves with the nuances of the framework implementation like for example which API’s are available or which bugs must be taken into account on certain versions of Android.”

Google android management API

Compatible with Android 6.0 and up

The Android Management API is compatible with each device that uses Android 6.0 Marshmallow or a higher more recent version and has Google Play installed. The API is also suited for Android devices from any manufacturer and offers a consistent method to control and manage all Android devices within an organisation. The Android Management API can be downloaded right now as a bèta version. Support for this bèta version can be found right here.

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