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Crazy scary Halloween Apps

We want to point out some fun apps for the Halloween holiday. There are a lot of apps especially created for Halloween and so it is impossible to review them all. I think we can start with the following 3 apps and they will bring you a lot of fun.

Halloween Backgrounds & Halloween Wallpapers HD

With almost every holiday we like to get in the mood with decorations around us. A wallpaper on your computer, iPad or iPhone is like a digital decoration. So with Halloween many people change their background on their device. With this app you can pick scary images like a clawing hand, dangling spiders and other scary images. Get in the mood with these backgrounds and wallpapers for the Halloween and all in HD. This App is Free and for iOS only.

Download Halloween wallpaper background

Halloween Spooky Sound Box

So with the wallpaper you got the Halloween eye candy. But what about the hearing? You can really scare your friends with this app. Sounds of movie monsters like Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. This Halloween Spooky Sound Box app lets you hear recordings of Krueger’s creepiest lines, the Halloween theme song, chainsaws, screams, sound bytes from other horror movies like Hellraiser and The Exorcist, etc. Get this Free sound app (ios only).


The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

This is a great app where you can transform yourself into a killer zombie. Be creative with The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself and modify your selfie into a scary selfie using more than 40 high resolution mouths, eyes and other props. You can use your zombie creation on Facebook, Twitter or send it to friends.

walking dead yourself app

Download The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself for Android.

Download The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself for iOS.

download the walking dead dead youreself

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