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Download latest APK Battery Doctor free

You can get the latest APK version of Battery Doctor right here on Techno Edit. Do you need this app? Yes this is great software for anyone who wants to use their mobile as long as possible without recharging. Don’t you hate sitting on the train or in the car and not being able to play a game of go online because the battery is dead? This professional energy-saving software with the name “Battery doctor” helps you with saving energy and extend the time you can use your mobile device! Battery docter is a fully free energy saving app.

battery doctor logo

The app is very easy to use. It has many functions. We will describe some of the functions using screenprints of Batterydoctor. Remember, this is all about saving your battery. It does not help you save credits. If you want to recharge your phone, checkout the True Balance App.

One Tab

Battery doctor power saver

This is a great feature of this battery save app. Save power usage with just one click. Just one tab on the phone and the application starts to do the work required to kill of the power slurping apps and processes. Click the button and the power is optimized for you. Quick and easy, optimize now and the app selects the best ways to use as little power as needed.

Monitor draining Apps

monitor power draining apps

You stay in control so you can check yourself what software is using the most power from your phone battery. You can monitor the power draining apps in real time, live. Request a list of all aspects on your phone that is using power and decide what apps could be killed of how to change your behavior so you can save the battery as much as possible.

Kill battery draining apps

kill power draining apps

So you want to decide which apps can be stopped so to save your power duration? No problem with Battery Doctor. You can optimize the phone yourself and select the apps to kill and see the time you can save on your battery. Great right? Stop those power draining apps and use your phone many extra hours.

Select the power saving plan

The doctor app is smart too as it can manage your power through saving plans. You can select the plan that best fits your situation like the sleep mode when you go to bed or the advanced mode for active use but with the least power drain.

Overheating protection

The app does not only save your power and your battery. The app can also protect your phone from overheating. Check the temperature of the phone and keep the phone cool by stopping apps. Download the APK from our colleagues. It is the lastest version of the Battery-Doctor version 6.14. I hope you enjoy this great software.


    1. Yes it will. And the reason is simple; you stop apps that are running in the background but they are active and using battery power

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