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A lot of people don’t really know how to root an android device to expose it to its full functionality, some give up along the way while the others think it is safe not to even try at all. Trying to root an android device can pose as a nightmare for users that have a little or no experience, this can be caused due to the week-in-week-out new unlocking methods that come out, and each comes up with its own special requirement and a version of firmware that is specific to your device. But fret no more, things have actually changed since Towelroot came into the picture, giving you the unequaled ability to root your android device with just one click away. So for people having no idea how to root your device or know what rooting then Towelroot is your solution where you can root your phone with one click. Read in this article how to download Towelroot APK and how to use it.

Towelroot Android APK root Galaxy S5

Why root

The world keeps evolving, new systematic approaches and methods of doing things keep evolving with it too. And in the digital world where we have the Android smartphones with their operating systems, one must keep abreast the new technicalities involved which in turn keeps you afloat in this vast world of cutting-edge technology. An android device houses a whole lot of functionalities and rooting an android exposes it to a whole lot of other functionalities that you cannot even imagine.

Download Towelroot APK

Why Towelroot

Towelroot just recently unveiled an amazing tool that takes advantage of a fragility in Linux nucleus which is normally utilized by Android, this makes you now root your phone with just clicking a button, and NO, no need to connect it to a PC, like the old method of rooting which included a lot of processes, but with towel root we now are jut guaranteed one click away from rooting.

Background Towelroot

Towel root didn’t just fallout from the sky, it sure has its basis and one of such is the fact that it is a by-product of a very well known United states hacker by the alter ego Geohot, who even as at 24 years old for a fact became the first person to ever have jailbroken an iPhone and created a system through which he could use homebrew on Sony PlayStation 3 console. Now, he has taken a full swipe on his interest on Android and its technicalities. Hence, Towelroot is born.

Using and downloading TOWELROOT

If you want to be able to use this new rooting app, it is not rocket science, all you have to do is to download and install the APK file on your phone, you will most probably get it from Google PlayStore, then follow it up by clicking the “make it rain”. Within some few moments, your device will be a rooted one. Taking into cognizance the number of smartphones that can be able to utilize the effectiveness and usefulness of this Towelroot app, then we are looking at a vast and wide range of smartphones. More especially in this particular context being Android smartphones, we find out that almost all Android smartphones can be rooted including both the Nexus and even Samsung Galaxy S5.
So far so good, the only phones that can be said to reject this Towelroot app are the latest models of HTC and Motorola, but it is a sweet ride with the other devices.

There are endless possibilities which you can expose your phone to through rooting, and big thanks to Towelroot app, it is now just a single action away.

Famous words related to this app is “Make it Rain”. Press this button to install the root app.

Versions TowelRoot APK

So what are currently the known versions out there? Here is a list of the Versions TowelRoot APK:
TowelRoot V1 (First basic Version)
TowelRoot V2 (Bug Fixed Version)
TowelRoot V3 (Enhanced version – Most Used & Best Version)
TowelRoot V4 (Released for Specific devices only)
TowelRoot V5 (latest Build)
TowelRoot V6 (2017 Build)
Warning: because this rooting software is so popular there a lot of false versions to be found on the internet. These fake versions can contain viruses / malware and hacking elements. Be very careful with what you download! Try not to fall for fakes and scammers. If you install a fake or false version of the Towelroot APK then you could corrupt your phone. And since rooting will mostly cause you to lose any guarantees on your phone, you have a big problem. Please read about version 5 and version 6 of TowelRoot below.

Towelroot v4 apk download free

Like previous versions this Towelroot V4 Android version should also be just as simple as v3, v2, etc. And this 4th version should also be free to download for any Android user. Towel Root v4 should have added new android devices to be rooted. In general the TowelRoot application can not be downloaded from the official Google Play Store. That is because Towelroot (all versions) uses a vulnerability in the Linux Kernel and that is why Google said the app violates the Google Policy / Guidelines for Android Apps. So if you want to download Towelroot v4 then you have to find a working APK version and install the app yourself. But the sad news is, the same for versions 5 and 6, that there has not been an official release of Towelroot V4. There are still rumors it could be released late 2017 (November or December). But we see no indication that this will actually happen. Many other sites are offering Towelroot 4.4.2 apk download. But we think these are either versions 3 of fake versions. At the moment you are best of downloading Towelroot V3 which is the most recent and reliable version and should work on almost all Android phones. We keep a close eye on GeoHotz (the programmer of Towelroot) because he is the one to develop version 4 of Towelroot.

Towelroot v4 apk download free

Towelroot v5 apk download free

You are looking for one of the most recent versions of Towelroot APK. The rooting tool Towelroot v5 apk can be downloaded for free and many different websites. Also this tool can be installed without a PC. Version 5 of Towel Root was planned to be released on December 2016, more than 6 months ago. V5 should be the improved version of the older version 4 that worked only on specific phone devices. But since you are looking to download Towelroot v5 apk for free, we have the following important information: Towelroot V5 is still not released although it was expected to be made available in November 2016 or at the end of 2016. But the sad news is, this 5th version was never released. So if visit a website that offers you Towel Root V5 with a download link, then I advise you not to click on that link and not to use the download file behind this downloadlink.

Towelroot v5 apk download free

Towelroot apk v6

As mentioned before the Towelroot apk v6 is the 2017 build of this popular rooting solution. Many sites provide this as the latest version and most recent version of this rooting APK on their website. This would not be possible even if the rumors were true. Because people thought Towelroot apk v6 would be release late 2017, so maybe now or within one month. But some sites have provided download links since the beginning of 2017. How is that possible? I have sad news for you: the chances are very slim a version 6 of Towelroot will be released in 2017. So if you find a website that offers a downloadable version of Towel Root V6 then do no download it and / or use it. Very likely it is an older version like version 3 or it is a false version. Be very careful. We are telling the truth, v6 Towelroot has not yet been released. The latest and most reliable version for the year 2017 and possibly 2018 is still Towelroot V3. The good news is that this third version still works on almost all types of Android phones. So best you download the v3 Apk of TowelRoot and work with this reliable and most current version.

Towelroot apk v6

Alternatives for Towelroot

There are many ways to Root your mobile phone besides using Towelroot. So what are the alternatives for Towelroot you can use? I have good and bad news! Good news is: there are a lot of alternatives you could use. And the bad news is: there are many alternatives for rooting your device. So which one is the best? This all depends on your device, your version, your requirements, and more. A different and great tool for rooting is Kingroot (latest version 5.2.2). Also many experts are fan of KingoRoot which sounds almost the same but is indeed a different tool. To summarize, the other suggestions are:

  • CF-Auto-Root
  • Adblock Plus
  • FlashFire
  • Flashify
  • Link2SD
  • Kingroot
  • KingoRoot
  • 360 root

Download Towelroot apk latest version for Android v2. v3. v4 & v5 for Kitkat, lollipop, Marshmallow to root Android without PC.

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