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Video Tutorial write your first Android App

In this video tutorial the creators talk about the steps you need to follow to build your first Android app. They explain how you can create a simple User Interface (UI), then add some Java code and then you can already run your first app on the phone.

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An important step for creating Android applications is to download and install Android Studio. When you get this download you also get the Software Development Kit that has all the Android libraries and other aspects needed for developing a simple or advanced app. Also you get the Android emulator which will help you to test your app using your PC so you do not need to install it on an Android device every time you change some code.

The summary of creating your own app is this:

  1. First step is to Install the Java SE Development Kit
  2. Second step  is to Install the Android SDK
  3. Third step is to install Android Studio (or an alternative like Eclipse, etc)
  4. Fourth step is to setup Android Studio or similar tool
  5. The fifth step is to start creating a simple and easy app
  6. And the Sixth step is to run and test your application

You can also watch another great tutorial video where they also explain for beginners how to create an easy app.

Creating an app is not that hard. You just need to start with something simple and easy. And before you know it you are creating a great app that many users want to use and download.

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