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Messaging App Development tips

How individuals communicate with each other has incredibly changed since the mobile phone was available in the market. In modern times these individuals lean toward chatting with each other instead of calling. We do keep calling each other for a friendly chat or for more complicated subjects. But with regards to the little conversations and the more task driven talks, many people prefer a simple private message. Sending a live chat has become a standard daily task. 50 % of the UK clients utilizes the mobile phone to send messages when they have to contact somebody, according to Statista.

Why do people prefer a live chat instead of actually calling someone? There are many reasons. Sending a PM is more time-efficient and it is convenient. Also the messages and replies are saved and therefor you can read it back. Except for some messaging apps, live chats can be read and send on multiple devices like phones / tablets and PC’s. On top of that the messages cannot contain only text and the famous emoticons, you can also send images and videos. Would WhatsApp be such a success when it would not be possible to share a photo or a video? Features like that are essential for users and therefor you should implement such abilities inside your own messaging app.

Internet Messaging Apps

A fantastic messaging mobile app is WhatsApp. This app has approximately 900 million active users per month. Other popular apps (but not as successful as WhatsApp) are WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Viber.

What are the functionalities and options these popular messaging apps offer their users?

features offered by messaging apps

Messaging services

A good Internet messaging app has some basic features all modern users will expect.

Features a modern messenger offers:

  • Free real-time chats
    People do not want to pay for a simple chat function. This should be free.
  • Phone calls
    Since you have all your contacts centralized you want the option to call as well. Also with Wifi this could be cheaper compared to actually calling someone.
  • Video calls
    With connections getting faster we will be using video chat more often. Also the young ones are not as shy compared to the older users.
  • Media sharing
    You want to be able to enrich your communication with visuals.

The list above shows the minimal and basic functionality we expect of the chat / messenger app. But many apps offer these functions already so you need to think of features which make your app unique so many people will download it.

Login methods

You can offer your users many different ways of logging into the app. The default method is by username and password or email address and password. Or you could identify the phone number. Or you can allow access using the login of social media profiles like Facebook / Google.

Supported platforms

Your app should also be compatible with multiple platforms like iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android (phones, tablets and even PC’s / laptops) and Windows (mobile devices and PC’s).

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