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Listen to iTunes Podcasts on Android Device

So you have discovered the power of Podcasts. Or you knew about Podcast and have found a great Podcaster or a fantastic subject you want to learn about. But then you find out the postcast can only be listened to on Apple iTunes and you do not own any Apple device. You think that this is a big problem, but we have good news. You can enjoy the millions of podcasts on iTunes without owning an iPhone, Apple Mac of Apple iPad. You can listen to all the iTunes podcasts on your Android device or by using your web browser. Read in this articles how an iTunes podcast can be played from outside the Apple community.

The steps and instructions below apply to all types of smartphones and tablets regardless of the brand of your Android device. It will work on your Samsung Android phone / tablet, devices made by Huawei, made by Google, by Xiaomi, and more. The first option is the website from a podcaster. Because many podcasters put their podcast episodes not only on the platforms but also on their own website. So if you want to use the method then you follow these steps:

  1. Open the web browser you have on your Android device. Now go to any website that offers podcasts so you can listen to an episode or download it. Good example are, (also on iTunes), and (also offers an app, but you can listen on the website too).
  2. Search, find and choose the episode you want to hear and find the Play / Listen / Let’s Go button or icon and press it. The selected episode or fragment will play on your device in your favorite and default audio player. This also applies to PC / Windows users.
  3. On some websites they offer a Download link (look for an icon with a down arrow, triangle pointing down). In this case you can download the podcast to your PC or to your Android phone / tablet. After downloading the sound file you can play it with any audio player without Wifi or any other internet connection.

But what can you do if the podcast can only be found on iTunes and not anywhere else? You could research this by searching and listening to previews on this page: On your windows computer / PC you can download iTunes. So on your PC you would be able to play any iTunes pod cast episode. That is not a big challenge. So how do you get podcasts exclusively on iTunes on your Android device or devices? Well you could use the iTunes software on your computer and then transfer 1 or multiple podcasts from your PC to your Android device.

How can you download podcasts to your computer and then move them to your Android device? Follow these steps:

  1. Download, install and then open iTunes on your PC / Windows computer (or even on your Apple Mac).
  2. Within the iTunes store you need to search and find the podcast you want to listen to. Or if you have subscribed to some podcasts before then you can skip this step. Now subscribe to the podcast you have found and you want to transfer later.
  3. Still within iTunes you can go to your Library and here you should be able to download the different episodes within the podcast. You should see a download link beside each episode.
  4. So where are the downloaded podcasts / episodes now? You should open your explorer / file manager and go to your C: or D: drive and find the iTunes Media folder (possibly something similar to: Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Podcasts.)
  5. Now comes the harder part. We want to transfer the files from your PC to your Android phone / tablet / other device. There are multiple ways to do this.
    • The fastest way is to connect your Android device with an USB cable to your computer. This way you can move a lot of Megabytes in a short time period. You can use Google to find more details on how to transfer files between PC’s and Android devices.
    • You can send the files from your PC to your Android device using Bluetooth. This is not the most fast way to transfer data. But if you do not have a suited USB cable then you could try wireless.
    • You can send the audio files to your Dropbox and then download the files from Dropbox with the Android Dropbox app.
    • Also Whatsapp is an option. You can use to connect your PC to whats app. Now you can send attachments to yourself using Whatsapp.
    • If you have an SD-card reader / writer inside your PC then you can transfer the files onto the SD card. Then remove the SD card from the PC and insert it inside the mobile device.
  6. When the files are on your Android storage (could also be an SD-card) then you can play them using any audio player app.

There is one more alternative. Google Podcasts is a great podcast-listining-App suited for Android. Google Podcasts is a dedicated Android app for listening to your favorite podcasts. No, it is not the same as iTunes. But the podcast on iTunes are in many cases also available on Google Podcasts. You can get the Google Podcasts App for free on Google Play.



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