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Download Jigsaw HD – free jigsaw puzzles for adults

Do you like to play Jigsaw puzzles? Than this is the game for you. With this app you can play your favorite puzzle games daily. This game contains more than 10,000 beautiful jigsaw puzzles. It has a daily free puzzle you can solve. And you can create fun jigsaw puzzles with your own photos and images!

What is your favorite subject? In this game you can select Animal Jigsaw Puzzles, Picture Jigsaw Puzzles, Logic Jigsaw Puzzles, Flower Puzzles. You can choose from 200 packs and personalize adult puzzles by size, shape, rotation and background color.

  • 10,000 jigsaw puzzles
  • More than 200 puzzles in the online shop of the puzzle game.
  • 20 new puzzles every week.
  • The puzzle game offers a new free puzzle of the day every day.

Daily free puzzle

This android game offers a new free puzzle game every day. The free puzzle is available for you for 24 hours. After the 24 hours this puzzle will be replaced with another new free jigsaw puzzle.

20 new jigsaw puzzles every week

You get a lot of new puzzles each week so you never have to get bored. On the Facebook page of this game you will find 2-3 free puzzles for adults every day.

Jigsaw puzzles recommendation service

Get personalized recommendations for new puzzle games after every jigsaw puzzle created. Animals, flowers, pictures, logic: based on your preferences, the puzzle game proposes you new jigsaw puzzles.

Use your photos to make picture jigsaw puzzles

You can create fun and unique jigsaw puzzles by using your own photos. You can use images from your Facebook page, photos you have taken with the app or select one that is on your device.


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